Getting Back to Basics: The Why

Now that you have a much clearer picture of the New York City,  private school admissions process (Creating “The List”When should you apply?, and The Application Process At its Finest), let’s get back to the basics and point out WHY you’re choosing to go this route. You need to keep your reasons in mind when you’re feeling burnt out from all the open houses, applications, school tours, and interviews.

Here’s a list of 7 reasons WHY you should apply to private school:

  1. Small class sizes
  2. Nutritious lunches and snacks (breakfast is optional)
  3. Safe and secure environment
  4. Learning resources readily available for students in need
  5. Counseling services available to students in need
  6. Music, Art, Performing Arts, and Physical Education is included within the curriculum
  7. Qualified college counselors with extremely high success rates
  8. Many many many more!

When you research school for your list you will, most likely, think of some additional reasons as to why you’re deciding to go the private school route. These are just 7 of the top reasons many families choose private school for their children. What are some of your reasons? I would love to know! Thank you so much for reading and if there’s anything I can help you with, please feel free to contact me here. Have an amazing day!



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