The Application Process At its Finest

You’ve created The List and learned the importance of starting NOW through my previous posts. Let’s delve into the wonderful application process itself. Many private schools have become much more tech savvy and have joined the rest of us online. Some schools have gone all the way and have the entire application online. Most still use the trusty paper and pen model. Each school has its own application process but it is generally uniform across the board.The schools have application requirements and application processing fees, which can usually be waived for families with financial hardships (we’ll talk about affording private school in a later post).

Overall, you will need:

  1. The COMPLETED school’s application
    • I highly recommend submitting your child’s photo along with the application; It may or may not boost your chances of acceptance but it WILL put a face to a name throughout the process
  2. Teacher Recommendations (depending on age)
  3. SSAT or ISEE Test Results (students currently in 4th-11th grade)
  4. Personal questions/essay to be answered by your child (only for upper grades)
  5. Student Interview
  6. Tour of the school (optional but HIGHLY recommended- gives you and your child the chance to ask questions and get a better feel for the school’s atmosphere) 

And once you have placed a check next to each “to-do” item, you can give yourself, your child, and your family a great big hand of applause and wait for the acceptance letters to roll in. You will generally hear from schools from around the middle of February to the beginning of March so you may want to sift through your mail a bit more carefully. My later post will break down each of the steps to help you along the way. We’re on this journey together. If you need help with anything or have a totally unrelated question, send your comments and questions here.


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